This might just be the best 30th Birthday Present/gift for a guy Idea EVER!

The product description for this item is pretty much “I WANT ONE!” I can’t think of many guys young or old who wouldn’t want one of these in their lounge room or man cave, unless its because they want an upright machine instead.

These timeless classics will add style and class to any room in the house and allow your guy to relive his championship streak at the local arcade. Ms Pacman and Galaga in a coffee table in your house is seriously one of the best birthday gifts you can get your guy.

Dodge ghosts in classic Pac Man mazes or switch to Galaga and blast your way through evil hordes of insect-like aliens from your fighter spaceship. Game-play is identical to the original versions, and the games work without coins. The cabinet features a 19-inch color standard resolution monitor and authentic arcade joysticks. The table measures 37 x 27.5 x 30 inches (WxLxH).

The best birthday present for your boyfriend

Pity the picture's a bit rubbish but anyways... Product Features Combination Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga commercial arcade cocktail table with 19-inch color monitor Gameplay is identical to original versions Flip screen technology for two player play Standard resolution commercial monitor; authentic arcade joystick Measures 37 x 27.5 x 30 inches (W x L x H); weighs 250 pounds

The most awesome 30th birthday present, EVER!

Perfect Gift for Guys - Pacman arcade game in your own home


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