Make him a birthday card – Idea 1

Have you noticed how expensive cards have gotten? I mean, I know they’re art and someone had to take time to think up the witty banter but most of them are massed produced and just printed on a piece of card which gets thrown away 9 times out of 10 anyway. In retaliation and because I like to do things differently, I’ve decided to share my ideas to make him a birthday card or gift card that’s personal and uses things you’ll have at home complete with instructional images.

Idea 1. Draw it! Yes it’s true I can’t draw, but that’s ok (its probably getting thrown away anyway, remember)

Things you need to make a cute card for yoru boyfriend

You will need: Pen, Paper and Scissors

First step to making a cute card for your boyfriend

Step 1: Cut Paper, fold and trim if necessary

Second Step in making yoru boyfriend a cute card for his birthday

Step 2: Draw a cute or funny picture on the front

Final step for making your boyfriend a cute britdhay card

Step 3: Write 'happy birthday' inside. Sign and date the card

Step 4. There is no step 4, you’re done!

Total cost – about 5 minutes of my time for a lifetime of lovin’


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